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Three Things Only a Bookkeeper Can Identify in Your Balance Sheet

balance sheet

Your balance sheet is the face of your company’s financials. If you are someone who never really liked accounting, you may have a hard time understanding what a balance sheet or a company’s financials are telling you. In fact, if you are looking to invest in some company, reading financials is just as crucial and being unable to read between the numbers puts you in a tight spot. If you want value for your money in either case, best is to have accountants bathurst by your side. A bookkeeper who has a dab hand at accounting is your golden goose. Take care of them and they can help you put your money in the right places. However, not every bookkeeper is just as good. We have put together the top three things a great bookkeeper can spot in a messy balance sheet.

Revenue Trends


This seems like a very simple thing because that is what we are after, the profits. But understanding the trends of revenue is something a good bookkeeper should be able to understand. If a company posts low revenues consecutively for years, then a good bookkeeper should be able to tell you that it is definitely not a good investment. No matter how good rest of the financials may seem, a bad flow of revenues sets off a red flag for a pro-bookkeeper. And they will surely tell you about it.


A bookkeeper has his arsenal full of ratios that slice through the numbers. Ratios are easy way of interpreting financial statements. They help see through the big fluffy numbers and summarize into bit size interpretations. A bookkeeper is able to calculate ratios and put the summary together to look at the big picture. Understanding the health and prospects of a company is a skill of a bookkeeper.

Cash-flows and Expenses

There is a technique called window dressing that companies often use to “sugar coat” their financials. This makes them appear better than they actually are. For someone who may be looking to invest, this is basically a trap. Having a bookkeeper can help you identify the correct numbers through assessing cashflows and expenses. They are pros at reading financials and understanding where the money going and where is it coming from. By breaking down the cash-flows and expenses, a bookkeeper can tell you better than anyone what’s going on with your potential investment. If you are the owner of a company, they can pin point the issue for you to tend to. You would want to know where the money gets eaten up the most. Or alternatively, why there are not enough revenues being generated despite the inputs.


Security Guard Companies

What To Note When Selecting Security Guard Companies in Sydney

Sydney gives you a wide range of option for selecting security guard companies. However, the process can be quite overwhelming because of the numerous alternatives for security guard companies available.

But there are several ways you can adapt to narrow down your company choices, which can end up making the final decision easy. By considering the various factors, you’ll end up coming with the best security guard company in Sydney for all your security needs.

Choosing the best security guard company is the best decision you can make for your peace of mind and premises or houses. As a result, it is essential to carry the process with a lot of keen to ensure that you’re not making any blunder on the way.

Bad decision making on the best security guard company for your security needs is one way of giving the criminals your alarm codes and keys. Therefore, you should take your time before assigning the task to a given company.

Yes, the security guard companies offer numerous benefits, but essential to carry out a detailed analysis before assigning the task out. Let every company explain the main services they offer and what shows they are the best for your task.

First, you need to assess yourself on the type of security guard company you need. Do you need the unarmed guard service or the armed service?

Getting unarmed security is an essential step since they will be keeping an eye on your property and inform the police if something suspicious takes place.

Other this, unarmed security guards play a vital role in helping you to fulfil the insurance requirements, meaning that there are high chances of getting lower premiums.

On the other hand, armed security guards also play a significant role by offering protection against crime. These are in a position of escorting the late working personnel to their cars or patrolling the client’s parking lots.

However, it is expensive to hire armed security guards.  Despite the high costs, these security guards promise an extra layer of peace of mind and protection, hence the main reason for the high costs.

Mostly, you’ll realise that the armed security guards are highly trained in this field. These are well experienced about the benefits of the use of force versus show of force, and they are in a position of handling any situation as per the requirements.

Also, it is vital to check out the logistics of the security guard companies that are the best as per your needs. You’ll realise that some of these security guard companies have online offices while others have offices across Sydney.

The main advantage with the majority of the security companies in Sydney is that they are in a position of offering you more affordable costs.

Coming across the best security guard company is not such easy. However, you can use online research to get detailed information relating to a given company before assigning it your task. In the website, you’ll get various data regarding the kind of services offered by that company.

An intense background check is essential before opting to a certain security guard company. Also, don’t forget to obtain a price quote relating to services offered by the security company. You can get this directly from the website of that company.


Women’s Leadership Training

The world is changing, and it’s well known that if a woman is on top-level management in an organisation, other women of the organisation works freely securely. In other words, the presence of women in a leadership position can enhance the overall work environment for other women present in an organisation. If an organisation allows women in their higher-level position, then it helps other women to feel more confident and to have a belief that this place accepts women’s growth and freedom.

All around the globe, well trained inclusive leaders and organisations perform better than those that are not. Women’s leadership program enhances, overall understanding of business, polish their leadership qualities to develop and enhance their influence. Even best of the liberal organisations can be unconsciously biased towards promotional decision inside the organisation, mainly for women. So, women’s leadership training helps to certify its student in time management, well concrete and practical ideas, an open-minded environment, limiting biases, an immediate change of mindset in your work life and organisation you work in. The team of well-trained experts focuses on real-time management, problem-solving skills, introducing various tools and skills to enhance the future progress of women.

These women leadership training programmes are expanded in various semester and trimester base short-term programmes.

  • Action Leadership Programme

It includes utility skills, high impact resources, real-time training collection for aspiring the inner leader of a woman. The unique learning programme is formulated in such a way that it can equip them with required needs for senior management, mid-level leadership and as an emerging talent in an organisation. This programme needs less time than others, in which the student exercise their reflective thinking with the help of short videos, book summaries and various self-enhancing techniques which provides an overall development in all the required fields.

  • Executive Training Programme
    Leadership needs to be treated less like a position but more like an approach. To have this kind of mindset is the most important and executive training programme helps to develop this mindset. This programme helps to gain self-confidence and immense improvement in operational techniques and influential behaviour. Some benefits include precise idea on leadership quality, boost in self-confidence and an overall better understanding of yourself, work in a professional environment to have a crystal-clear idea about your goals and future prospects.

This leadership programme enhances overall skill to emerge a woman as leader. But there is no denying to the fact that still women are not considered a leader’s in high corporate organisations generally. This is because stereotypes who believe in face-time over quality results, this mindset still holds up women to emerge as a leader and in top positions. The research also shows up another reason behind un-acceptance of women as leaders, and that is these training programs which are not well constructed for overall development. They generally focus on skills and competencies but neglect the individual potential.

So, finally, we can say that women’s leadership training and development programmes are important to enhance social traits and confidence to face professional competition. But the fact that there are some loopholes too in these organised programmes it’s best to understand your requirement and choose accordingly. Always know about the institution and read feedback before opting for a course, so that you can be sure, this is the right choice.


A Discussion On How To Build A More Positive Culture In The Workplace

If you’re like most people, you spend the majority of your day at work. As a result, if you want to have a happier and more successful life, then you should strive to create a positive work environment, not only for yourself, but for everyone else. So, no matter what your position in the company may be, there are always ways in which you can adjust your own behavior to create a better workplace. In this article, we will look at a few specific ways you can do just that.

First of all, the way you communicate with your co-workers is extremely important. If you are hostile, unhelpful or generally reluctant to share information, then this will create a negative culture. So, it is important to look at your own behavior and try to be more positive, kind and helpful towards your co-workers as well as your boss. Sure, you may think that other people are unkind to you, why should you change your behavior. However, you can’t control other people, you can only control yourself. Once you start behaving differently with people, they will eventually change their behavior to match yours. It is as simple as being the change you wish to see.

Next, another tip from is to be motivational, especially to those who seem to be struggling at work. If you’re a manager, then it is imperative that you encourage those under you so that they can continue to put their best foot forward. Even if you aren’t a manager, you should strive to encourage and motivate your fellow co-workers so that everyone can feel happier and more supported at work. Also, by doing so, it will create a more loving environment which will make everyone feel happier about going to work every day.

Thirdly, the way you talk to your fellow co-workers via email is also important. You should strive to be as professional as possible, however, many work environments tend to have toxic email habits. This means that you should avoid berating anyone through email, especially when their boss or other superiors are copied on that email. Instead, if you have an issue with that person’s work, it is better to have a quick discussion with them in person. This is a great way to get your point across without embarrassing them which can lead to a lot of resentment in the long run.

Lastly, the final tip is to create a homely feeling at work by bringing home baked goods when you can or even store bought treats. You should all celebrate each others birthdays as well as any achievements, whether they be work related or personal. This is extremely important since it will create a more family like atmosphere at work, which is definitely good for morale and also overall work ethic.

In closing, we have just looked at a couple of ways that you can make the culture of your workplace more positive. It truly doesn’t matter what your position is, by implementing the tips above, you will definitely create a happier work environment for yourself and everyone else.


Reasons To Use an Email Filtering Service For Your Business

About 70% of all the email directed t6o a typical business will probably be spam or junk mail. This spam might seem harmless at first, but it can lead to severe damage to the company’s computers or data down the road. One of the best ways to fight this spam is by availing an email spam filtering software or service.

Mail filtering is simply the process of scrutinising every email going to and from your system and external uses to try and find spam emails and their content. This can happen on your business’ mail server or at an external mail filtering service.

That being said, here are some of the primary reasons why you should use an email filtering service.

Email Icon On Laptop Showing Emailing Or Contacting

Reduce The Risk of Being Blacklisted

If your mail server gets detected sending junk or malicious emails, it may get blacklisted by several monitoring services online. People who then subscribe to those blacklist monitors will not be able to get your mail until the listing is taken down, which can be a very daunting process. An email filtering service on outbound emails will be able to block junk and malicious content, and even if some spam happens to go through, the chances of your mail server being blacklisted will be minimal.

Reduce Spam and Virus Exposure

Time wastage is perhaps the biggest issue when it comes to junk mail. If only one in five if your emails is not junk, your subscribers will be spending a lot of time picking the authentic emails from the lot, thus increasing the chances of them missing the important stuff. You can implement local mail filters to help with this, but they need to be constantly updated in order to be effective. Moreover, about 5% of spam mail contains malicious content, which can lead to malware and virus infections. Also, an unknown, but likely large percentage of junk mail contains links to malicious sites, which can again be very detrimental.

Minimise Server Load and Data Volumes

If all the spam is delivered to your server, you can exp[ect to pay up to four times as much email related data as you would if the junk was filtered out. Depending on your email volumes and internet plan, that could be significant money. Your server will also be working four times as hard to process the mail, likely leading to capacity and performance issues. If you use cloud-based email hosting, then you will be wasting more of your quota.

Improve the Performance of Large-Scale Sending

If your company regularly sends large-scale mail, then availing an email filtering service for outbound emails might provide a substantial performance improvement. That is because most mail filtering servers can be able to connect to a huge number of simultaneous clients compared to your own server. This makes the mail delivery process far much efficient.

Whether to choose an external or internal email filter service depends on which of these benefits you deem essential and the ups and downs should be discussed with the IT support team.

As with all security-related matters, there is no such thing as ultimate filtering. You’ll get occasional junk content slipping through and legit emails getting flagged. However, running an online business without a mail filter in this day and age is not a sensible option for anyone who wants to succeed.


What Makes A Workplace Trainer Great?

business people group have education leasson on seminar training event at small bright office conference room

Employee training is something that all business owners need to consider. However, there are times when you will not be able to complete this training yourself and you will need to hire a trainer. The problem is that not all trainers are very good which is why you need to know what characteristics make a workplace trainer great.

Good Communication Skills

The basis of a workplace trainer’s job is to effectively communicate with your employees. This is why you need to find a trainer that has excellent communication skills. The trainer’s communication skills should be verbal and nonverbal particularly in writing.

The trainer will also know when they need to speak and when they need to listen to your employers. It is possible for communication skills to be improved over time, but it is better to hire a trainer that already has excellent skills.

Enthusiasm For Learning

When you are looking for a great trainer, you need to look for someone that loves to learn. This is important because full-time trainers are always in learning mode and will face new challenges with each new project they have to cover. Of course, the best trainers will be keen to learn about areas that are outside of their normal comfort zone.

A great example is when I did my basic worksite traffic management course. The trainer was so enthusiastic it rubbed off on myself and all of the other students – he really increased the energy of the room.

Enthusiasm for learning is also important because each new project has different training needs. The trainer will need to be able to learn the specifics of the project before they are able to impart this knowledge. If they are not interested in learning, they will not be able to provide thorough training to your staff.


Creativity is very important when working as a trainer because you have to find ways to make people interested in what you are teaching. This is why the great trainers will be able to think of different creative methods of training your staff. They will also be able to determine which creative method will be appropriate for the training they are completing.

Great trainers will also be able to use creative thinking to address any problems that people have with the training. If one of your employees has a problem with the training, the trainer will need to identify this and think of a way to overcome this. There is no point in having a trainer who does not care about the people who are struggling with the training.


Flexibility is also something that trainers need to have, particularly in the workplace. You need to avoid hiring a trainer who is happy with having the same schedule day after day. Trainers need to be willing and able to change their schedule to suit the needs of the business and to accommodate unexpected situations.

Situations that trainers need to handle will include more people wanting to be part of the training they are providing. If the trainer is not flexible in this, you could be losing the benefits of employees that are cross-trained. The trainer may also have to change their training sessions to accommodate any emergencies that come up in different departments.


How Renting Transport Equipment For Your Business Can Help You

large fuel-truck and driver

One of the largest expenses that business have is their transport equipment. This large expense is one of the reasons why many businesses look at renting their transport equipment. There are a number of reasons why you should consider renting your equipment instead of buying.


When you start your business, you have to be careful with where you spend your capital. Putting too much into your transport equipment could reduce the funds you have available for other aspects of the business. To ensure that you spend your capital on the right things, you should consider renting your transport equipment.

Renting is also more affordable for most businesses as you do not have a large initial outlay. The monthly payments for the rental will generally be easier for a new business to handle. There are also other costs associated with transport equipment that you do not have to worry about.

When renting transport equipment, you do not have to worry about maintenance and other operating costs. As you do not own the equipment, you are not liable for maintenance costs which can be very large if you have a fleet. If anything happens to the equipment, you will simply have to contact the rental company and not pay anything more.

The Reliability

When you rent your transport equipment, you will generally have more reliable equipment than when you own it. This is due to the fact that the rental company is in charge of any maintenance. Additionally, if the equipment does not work as it should, you can return it to the company and they will need to replace it.

When renting, you will also be given 24-hour assistance to ensure that any trips made with the equipment are smooth and safe. Rental companies will also have emergency support systems in place that you can contact at any time if you have a problem.

The Flexibility

When you rent transport equipment, you can create a fleet that is based on the needs of your business. This is something that may not be possible if you have to purchase the equipment yourself. Depending on the capital that you have, you may have to compromise on what you can get and this could cause problems for your business.

When renting, you can hire a trailer, a truck and a light vehicle which suits your business’ needs. Most rental companies will be happy to help you evaluate the equipment that you need and determine if they can provide everything to you. They will also be able to provide the equipment you need as your business grows.

Renting transport equipment is something that all businesses should consider because it can help with your cash flow. When you do not have to spend a large amount on transport equipment, you can spend your funds on other aspects of your business. With renting, you also do not have to worry about maintenance costs or the overall reliability of the equipment.


Three Places To Hold Your Business Conference

Indoor business conference for managers.

Are you currently searching for a business conference venue? If you don’t know where you should hold your upcoming conference, now is the perfect time to start considering your options. Here are three different options that you should be looking at:

Host Your Conference Digitally

If you’re going to be meeting with clients in a remote location, you may not want to rent out a space for your conference. Instead, you may want to host some sort of digital conference. A digital conference will allow you to communicate with absolutely anyone, even if they are thousands of miles away from you.

Streaming technology has come a very long way over the last few years. These advances have made it possible to hold conferences with people no matter where they are. You don’t necessarily have to travel to meet with someone on the other side of the globe. You can meet with them from your normal conference room.

An Event Hall

If you’re planning an unconventional conference, you may want to think about holding it at an event all. These venues host all kinds of functions, including the occasional conference. A lot of venues like this offer catering, which means you’ll be able to feed all of the people that attend your conference.

Event halls aren’t a great option for conferences that are more formal in nature; these venues often give off a more laid-back vibe. They’re a nice choice for casual conferences, but they might not be the best option if you really want to impress the people that you’re going to be meeting with.

A Hotel Conference Room

If you want to make the best possible impression on the people you are meeting with, you should strongly consider renting a hotel conference room. Meeting in a hotel conference room provides all kinds of different advantages. First of all, hotel conference rooms can accommodate very large groups of people. A room like those at will be an excellent fit for larger meetings.

Hotel conference rooms are also a smart choice if some of the people that will be attending your conference are coming from out of town. They will be able to book a room at the hotel that the conference is being held at. Finding appropriate accommodations will be a breeze for them.

Hotel conference rooms aren’t the right choice for all conferences. A smaller conference may be better suited to a different kind of venue. However, if your conference is large in size and scope, a hotel conference room is the first kind of venue you should be looking at. A room like this would be an excellent place to hold your conference.

There are many different places to hold a business conference. Before deciding on a venue, you should think about what you want and what your needs are. Once you know what it is that you are looking for, you should be able to find a venue that provides everything you need and more.


The Qualities of An Excellent Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing

If you are looking to market or advertise your products/services online or through any other digital technology, it’s always advisable to look for a digital marketing agency. In addition to getting fast results, using an agency saves you a significant amount of money as you don’t have to go through the trial and error route. While digital marketing companies are great, not all are perfect for you and your business. That said, here are some qualities of an excellent digital marketing agency:

Robust Online Presence

Don’t expect exceptional results if a company cannot promote itself. Before you agree to work with any given agency, take your time to conduct a background research. As a rule of thumb, the company should have a high ranking. They should also have a solid presence on social media. The agency’s website should be professional, easy to navigate, and should answer all the questions you may have in regards to digital marketing.

Excellent Staff

In order for you to have an easy time, you need to work with individuals who are fun to work with. In addition to knowing their work, the staff should also possess great personality. There’s nothing worse than working with someone you cannot easily talk to. Of course, you will be handling a serious project, but there is no harm in doing business with people who have a sense of humour.

Project Management Skills

When you hire a digital marketing agency, you need to be certain that they can provide the services that you want. So, before you start working with the company, take time to understand how organised they are. You should sit down and discuss your specific marketing and advertising needs with the company’s representatives. After stating your needs and expectations, the representatives should then explain how they plan to go about the project in order to obtain your desired results.


Guaranteed Results

It is important to know that there’s nothing like guaranteed results when it comes to digital marketing. No matter how experienced or skilled the staff is, they can’t give you guaranteed results. So, if you are looking to improve your ranking on Google, the company should only promise to improve it and not guarantee the top position on the SERPs. In fact, if an agency promises the first place, consider it a red flag.

These are the primary qualities you should look for when hiring a digital marketing agency. They will help you choose the most qualified company for your marketing needs.


5 common mistakes that entrepreneurs make

Being an entrepreneur is very difficult in this competitive world. However, it is a very rewarding profession as well. To be successful you will have to work very hard. Unfortunately, there are many entrepreneurs who make some mistakes that get on their way to become successful. Here are the common mistakes the entrepreneurs make.

They expect success right away

You shouldn’t expect success right away. You should be confident, but you should be patient as well. You should realize that it takes a long time for a business to be successful. You should grow your business slowly and take decisions wisely. You should be realistic about your expectations.

Trying to do everything on own

You should know that you cannot be good at everything. You should delegate tasks. If you try to do everything yourself then there is a high chance that you may fail. You should outsource tasks if needed and hire people to do the job for you.

Going for the money only

You should be passionate about the business you are doing. If you are just doing it for money then you won’t be successful. You won’t be able to give the dedication that must be given.

Not being adaptable

The business environment is changing continuously. You should be adaptable to the changing business needs. You should adapt new technology and new ways of doing business. Otherwise, you won’t be able to compete with the others.

Not using social media

There are many entrepreneurs who ignore the Internet. But your customers are in different social media now. You should use social media to reach your target customers.

If you want to be successful, you should avoid these mistakes. You should have specific goals and work hard to accomplish those goals.