What Makes A Workplace Trainer Great?

business people group have education leasson on seminar training event at small bright office conference room

Employee training is something that all business owners need to consider. However, there are times when you will not be able to complete this training yourself and you will need to hire a trainer. The problem is that not all trainers are very good which is why you need to know what characteristics make a workplace trainer great.

Good Communication Skills

The basis of a workplace trainer’s job is to effectively communicate with your employees. This is why you need to find a trainer that has excellent communication skills. The trainer’s communication skills should be verbal and nonverbal particularly in writing.

The trainer will also know when they need to speak and when they need to listen to your employers. It is possible for communication skills to be improved over time, but it is better to hire a trainer that already has excellent skills.

Enthusiasm For Learning

When you are looking for a great trainer, you need to look for someone that loves to learn. This is important because full-time trainers are always in learning mode and will face new challenges with each new project they have to cover. Of course, the best trainers will be keen to learn about areas that are outside of their normal comfort zone.

A great example is when I did my basic worksite traffic management course. The trainer was so enthusiastic it rubbed off on myself and all of the other students – he really increased the energy of the room.

Enthusiasm for learning is also important because each new project has different training needs. The trainer will need to be able to learn the specifics of the project before they are able to impart this knowledge. If they are not interested in learning, they will not be able to provide thorough training to your staff.


Creativity is very important when working as a trainer because you have to find ways to make people interested in what you are teaching. This is why the great trainers will be able to think of different creative methods of training your staff. They will also be able to determine which creative method will be appropriate for the training they are completing.

Great trainers will also be able to use creative thinking to address any problems that people have with the training. If one of your employees has a problem with the training, the trainer will need to identify this and think of a way to overcome this. There is no point in having a trainer who does not care about the people who are struggling with the training.


Flexibility is also something that trainers need to have, particularly in the workplace. You need to avoid hiring a trainer who is happy with having the same schedule day after day. Trainers need to be willing and able to change their schedule to suit the needs of the business and to accommodate unexpected situations.

Situations that trainers need to handle will include more people wanting to be part of the training they are providing. If the trainer is not flexible in this, you could be losing the benefits of employees that are cross-trained. The trainer may also have to change their training sessions to accommodate any emergencies that come up in different departments.

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