Reasons To Use an Email Filtering Service For Your Business

About 70% of all the email directed t6o a typical business will probably be spam or junk mail. This spam might seem harmless at first, but it can lead to severe damage to the company’s computers or data down the road. One of the best ways to fight this spam is by availing an email spam filtering software or service.

Mail filtering is simply the process of scrutinising every email going to and from your system and external uses to try and find spam emails and their content. This can happen on your business’ mail server or at an external mail filtering service.

That being said, here are some of the primary reasons why you should use an email filtering service.

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Reduce The Risk of Being Blacklisted

If your mail server gets detected sending junk or malicious emails, it may get blacklisted by several monitoring services online. People who then subscribe to those blacklist monitors will not be able to get your mail until the listing is taken down, which can be a very daunting process. An email filtering service on outbound emails will be able to block junk and malicious content, and even if some spam happens to go through, the chances of your mail server being blacklisted will be minimal.

Reduce Spam and Virus Exposure

Time wastage is perhaps the biggest issue when it comes to junk mail. If only one in five if your emails is not junk, your subscribers will be spending a lot of time picking the authentic emails from the lot, thus increasing the chances of them missing the important stuff. You can implement local mail filters to help with this, but they need to be constantly updated in order to be effective. Moreover, about 5% of spam mail contains malicious content, which can lead to malware and virus infections. Also, an unknown, but likely large percentage of junk mail contains links to malicious sites, which can again be very detrimental.

Minimise Server Load and Data Volumes

If all the spam is delivered to your server, you can exp[ect to pay up to four times as much email related data as you would if the junk was filtered out. Depending on your email volumes and internet plan, that could be significant money. Your server will also be working four times as hard to process the mail, likely leading to capacity and performance issues. If you use cloud-based email hosting, then you will be wasting more of your quota.

Improve the Performance of Large-Scale Sending

If your company regularly sends large-scale mail, then availing an email filtering service for outbound emails might provide a substantial performance improvement. That is because most mail filtering servers can be able to connect to a huge number of simultaneous clients compared to your own server. This makes the mail delivery process far much efficient.

Whether to choose an external or internal email filter service depends on which of these benefits you deem essential and the ups and downs should be discussed with the IT support team.

As with all security-related matters, there is no such thing as ultimate filtering. You’ll get occasional junk content slipping through and legit emails getting flagged. However, running an online business without a mail filter in this day and age is not a sensible option for anyone who wants to succeed.

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