Modular Walls Explained and Why You Should Consider Them For Your Commercial or Office Project

Building plan, eye bolt and screws on plasterboard panels with workers in background

Modular walls are basically fences made of prefabricated components and come in different thicknesses of wall panels as well as post types. When it comes to a commercial office makeover, there are numerous things to consider if you want satisfactory results. Unlike residential renovations, which are usually driven by whim, an office renovation has to be based on what is best for the company. Of course you need to consider the cost, impact, functionality and purpose. As for the walls, there are a number of reasons why you should opt for the modular type. Flexibility, quick installation and less material waste due to the prefabricated aspect are the apparent benefits, but they do not stop there. Here are the reasons why you should consider modular walls.

Low Energy Costs

You may not be aware, but the energy costs have risen by over 33% in the past year. Also, major oil producing companies agreed to production cutbacks which will only raise the prices even further. Modular walls are beneficial in that they allow you to arrange your office to improve HVAC’s efficiency and reduce the number of overhead lights.

Not just a Makeover, but a Transformation

No renovation project will meet all your requirements like the installation of modular walls. These systems are not just a way of changing your office’s layout, but they are a way to completely transform how your organization works from every conceivable aspect.

Return on Investment

Did you know that modular walls are not treated the same as drywalls in terms of tax? Well, it might be beneficial to know that modular walls are considered to be office equipment or furniture and can be depreciated faster than what the taxman regards as permanent changes to the building. Generally around a decade as opposed to 4 decades for drywall.

Future Proofing

There is no denying that the technological landscape is changing at a rapid pace. With drywall, every time a new and needed gadget comes out, you will have to cut and drill holes in order to mount and accommodate power and data cables. However, that should not be an issue with modular systems because the panels allow for easy installation.

Employee Morale

According to research, workers tend to feel more motivated and loyal if the workplace environment is built to accommodate their needs as well as the manager or owner’s needs. Old and dingy offices where proper airflow is nonexistent and natural light are rare tend to bring down motivation, and the employees lack innovation. With modular systems, the opposite is true.


Modular walls set themselves apart from any other commercial or office enhancement by giving you the ability to take the renovation with you. So, if you upgrade your office this year and then relocate next year, you can choose to take the modular partitions with you. This will not only save you numerous building cots, but it will allow you to set up your workplace faster so that you can continue with your daily operations.

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